No Pride

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"No Pride was written in my basement in Berkeley. I felt like I had no nationality. Like a mut.[1]"
Billie Joe Armstrong

No Pride
Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Song length: 2:20
Album: Insomniac (1995)
Previous song: "Geek Stink Breath"
Next song: "Bab's Uvula Who?"

"No Pride" is the fifth song on Insomniac. This song is about Green Day's frustration after being kicked out of 924 Gilman Street (where a lot of punk rock bands start out) after they co-operated with a major label. No Pride has only been played live 9 times as of today. The few times it has been played were mostly before 2000, the last time in 2009.[2]

Song meaning[edit]

It deals with Billie’s feelings of anger and rejection toward the underground punk community from which he came. When Green Day went mainstream, many people he once called friends began to hate him, and he was kicked out of the club that once acted as a second home to him. This song is a vent of all his anger and frustration as a result of that, and serves as a huge middle finger to the punk scene.


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