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"I wrote a song on the new album called "Brat" about waiting for your parents to die so you can get your inheritance."
Billie Joe Armstrong

Song length: 1:43
Album: Insomniac (1995)
Previous song: "Armatage Shanks"
Next song: "Stuck With Me"

Brat is the second song on Insomniac. As the rest of the album, Brat has a darker meaning behind it. Brat was played live frequently when touring for the album, but afterwards it was played rarely. [1]

Song meaning[edit]

If you take Brat literally, it's about waiting for your parents to die so you inherite all their money. The sooner they pass away, the better. If you look at it in a broader way, it can also be about spoiled kids who get everything they want by just sitting on their asses. They don't have to have a job, don't have to struggle and work day and night to pay their rent - their parents give them a free ride to a rich life. Now, of course, not all kids with rich parents end up like the narrator of Brat, but those who actually do are out there waiting with an anxious smile.


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