Walking Contradiction

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Walking Contradiction
Song length: 2:31
Album: Insomniac
Previous song: "Tight Wad Hill"

Walking Contradiction is the 14th and final song on Insomniac. It was released as the fourth single of the album. It was also featured on International Superhits!.

Even though it was released as a single, it has been played live very rarely. So far it has been played live only 9 times, shortly after release of the album. The last known performance was in 2001.[1]

Song meaning[edit]

This song is basically containing any and all negative emotions the narrator could possibly muster, compiled into one song. The song is about all the hypocritcal people and contradicting situations we see every day; Parents telling their children not to do what they do thesmelves, people setting standards only to beak them, lottery winners that are depressed, and so forth. This song is an excellent example of the narrator at his sarcastic best.

Music video[edit]

The music video was directed by Mark Kohr and it features the band members runnin around in a city obliviously causing destruction and coming out unscathed. In the music clip for 'Walking Contradiction', Billie Joe was afraid to do the stunt work required for it. He was about to pull out until Tre Cool talked him into it.[citation needed]


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