Tight Wad Hill

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Tight Wad Hill
Song length: 2:01
Album: Insomniac
Previous song: "Westbound Sign"
Next song: "Walking Contradiction"

"Tight Wad Hill" is the 13th track on Insomniac. It comes after "Westbound Sign" and is followed by "Walking Contradiction", the last track on the album.

The song is about a real world place called Tightwad Hill, located in Crockett, California. Most people hung out there to watch football games at John Swett High School or to get high on drugs. The members of Green Day hung out there during their teenage years.[citation needed]

"Tight Wad Hill" was only performed live once, on August 25, 2009; Billie Joe Armstrong was the only one who played the song, and he sung the lyrics and played his guitar to the song.[1]


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