Stuart and the Ave.

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Stuart and the Ave.
Song length: 2:03
Album: Insomniac (1995)
Previous song: "Panic Song"
Next song: "Brain Stew"

"Stuart and the Ave." is the ninth track of Insomniac. The title of the song refers to the corner of Stuart Street and Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California, where Green Day originated.[citation needed] The song is about how someone feels about someone else after they've broken up or had a falling out.

Prior to the Revolution Radio Tour, where it was included on its main setlist, "Stuart and the Ave." had almost never been played live, just like many songs on Insomniac. Green Day have also played "Stuart in the Ave." in the House of Blues on April 16, 2015 and during their brief comeback in 924 Gilman Street on May 17, 2015.[1]


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