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Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Song length: 3:00
Album: Kerplunk
Previous song: "80"
Next song: "No One Knows"
"Android was about a homeless man walking down college ave. I was drinking coffee with Tre.[1]"
Billie Joe Armstrong

"Android" is the ninth track on Kerplunk. It comes after "80" and is followed by "No One Knows".


According to a tweet from Billie, "Android" was inspired from when he saw a homeless man while he drank coffee with Tré.[1] However the song was named after the album producer Andy Ernst.[2]

Song meaning

This song is about wondering what will happen to your life when you get older.

The narrator sees a homeless man with funny clothes and wonders if he will end up like him; in other words he wonders where the future will take him. He starts thinking about how he handles life and finds that it is not the best way to live ("The way I'll carry on I'll end up six feet underground, and waste away"). The narrator realizes that people age faster than he had thought, and that his current lifestyle won't get him anywhere.


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