One for the Razorbacks

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One for the Razorbacks
Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Song length: 2:30
Album: Kerplunk
Previous song: "2000 Light Years Away"
Next song: "Welcome to Paradise"
"One for the Rbacks. A girl from Arkansas that became a good friend of mine. I wrote her a song. We listened to a demo of it in my car."
Billie Joe Armstrong[1]

"One for the Razorbacks" is the second track on Kerplunk!. It comes after "2,000 Light Years Away" and is followed by the original "Welcome to Paradise".

Song meaning[edit]

As with most early Green Day songs, "One for the Razorbacks" is about romance. In it, a character named Juliet is still searching for what she really wants from a guy. The phrases "Experience has got her down" and "Forget all the disappointments you have faced" indicates that she's had relationships before where she didn't find what she needs. The narrator wants to be a helping hand, to listen to Juliet, talk to her, and to try and make her feel better. The narrator wants to do anything, even give up his dignity, to "bring her up again".

Taking the first two listed phrases into account, it is possible that Juliet had a crush on Billie, who rejected her. This causes him to feel bad, and he tries to best explain that he cares about her.


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