Dominated Love Slave

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Dominated Love Slave
Song length: 1:42
Album: Kerplunk
Previous song: "Private Ale"
Next song: "One of My Lies"

"Dominated Love Slave" is the sixth track on Kerplunk. It comes after "Private Ale" and is followed by "One of My Lies"

This song is notable in that it is an anomaly to Kerplunk because it is a country song written and sung by Tré Cool. When this song is played live, Tré and Billie switch instruments.

Song meaning[edit]

"Dominated Love Slave" has a straightforward meaning about BDSM. The narrator expresses his desire to be hurt by a sex partner, who is assumed to be female. However, background voices in the song sounding like instructions (and a male voice unlike the presumed female voice) for hurting oneself.


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