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Sweet Children.jpg
Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Song length: 2:08
Album: Sweet Children (1990)
Kerplunk (CD/cassette) (1992)
Previous song: "Best Thing in Town"
Next song: "My Generation"

"Strangeland" is the third track on the Sweet Children EP and was later included as the 15th track and third bonus track on CD and cassette releases of Kerplunk. "Strangeland" has never been played live.[1]


Strangeland is a highly abstract song in which the narrator is describing a mysterious place that his mind created. He describes the "floating image in his mind" and the "strange beings". Some people believe this song might be based on a book or movie, but this theory is not confirmed. The song might just be a dream or fantasy. However, there is a possibility that the song is about imaginary worlds that people create to make themselves feel wanted when their life in the real world makes them feel unhappy and worthless. They dream of a strangeland that might be weird and unpredictable, but where they feel important, because it is their world.


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