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Release date: July 2, 2002
Length: 33:23
Record label: Reprise Records
Producer: Rob Cavallo
Mixer: Jerry Finn
Chris Lord-Alge
Singles: None

Shenanigans is a compilation album of B-sides and rarities from Green Day prior to the American Idiot era. It was released on July 2, 2002.

The original cover of Shenanigans does not feature the band name or the album's title on it, so several retailers designed a logo on a small sticker and plastered it on the jewel case.

Shenanigans has sold 200,000 units as of August 2006.

Track list[edit]

All lyrics written by Billie Joe Armstrong unless otherwise noted.

  1. "Suffocate"
  2. "Desensitized"
  3. "You Lied"
  4. "Outsider" (Dee-Dee Ramone/The Ramones)
  5. "Don't Wanna Fall in Love"
  6. "Espionage" (instrumental)
  7. "I Want to be on T.V." (Sam McBride, Tom Flynn/Fang)
  8. "Scumbag" (Mike Dirnt)
  9. "Tired of Waiting for You" (Ray Davies/The Kinks)
  10. "Sick of Me"
  11. "Rotting"
  12. "Do Da Da"
  13. "On the Wagon"
  14. "Ha Ha You're Dead" (Mike)


Since the release of Shenanigans there has been speculation over the track "D.U.I.", a song written and performed by Tré Cool, because the track is listed in between Tracks 9 and 10 ("Tired of Waiting for You" and "Sick of Me") in the album's booklet. All of the song information except for the title is obscured by a large spot of spray paint.[1] Finally in 2006, on the Idiot Club website, in the Question and Answer section, Dirnt joked that "D.U.I." was removed because it was filled with "great advice"; then Armstrong stated that he "likes irresponsibility, but not that much irresponsibility".[citation needed]

"D.U.I." is only featured as the 7th track on unmastered, promotional copies of Shenanigans. It is 1:50 in track length.[2]

Green Day's official site once stated that "D.U.I" is featured on the Japanese release of Shenanigans, which is false.


  • Billie Joe Armstrong - lead vocals, lead guitar, writing
  • Mike Dirnt - bass, backing vocals, writing
  • Tré Cool - drums, percussion


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