On the Wagon

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On the Wagon
Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Song length: 2:48
Album: "Basket Case" B-side
Previous song: "Do Da Da"
Next song: "Ha Ha You're Dead"

"On the Wagon" is a song originally released as track 2 on early "Basket Case" single pressing. It was later included as the thirteenth track on Shenanigans, preceded by "Do Da Da" and followed by "Ha Ha You're Dead".

"On the Wagon" is an informal term meaning for a drinker to abstain from alcohol. Like most of Green Day's songs, "On the Wagon" was written by Billie, and was likely inspired because of his alcoholic struggles. "Hitchin' a Ride", the first single from Nimrod., is also about alcohol abstinence, and its lyrics were likely inspired from "On the Wagon".

As with most of Green Day's B-sides, "On the Wagon" was never performed live.