Jerry Finn

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Jerry Finn
Born: Jermone Gregory Finn
March 31, 1969
Ventura, California
Died: August 21, 2008 (aged 39)
Los Angeles, California
Cause of death: Cerberal hemorrhage
Other names: Huckle Finn
"Huckle" Jerry Finn
Occupation(s): Record producer, mix engineer, musician
Years active: 1992 - 2008

Jermone Gregory Finn (March 31, 1969 - August 21, 2008), sometimes credited as "Huckle" Jerry Finn, was an American record producer, musician, and mix engineer, best known for his work with various punk rock bands like blink-182, AFI, Sum 41, and Green Day.

Jerry died of a cerebral hemorrhage caused by a heart attack on August 21, 2008 (aged 39). He was cremated, and his ashes were given to his family.

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