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Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Song length: 2:47
Album: "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" single (1997)
Shenanigans (2002)
Previous song: "Suffocate"
Next song: "You Lied"

"Desensitized" is one of the B-sides to the "Good Riddance" single. It was later released on the compilation album Shenanigans. "Desensitized" was also included as a bonus track on the Australian and Japanese editions of Nimrod as tracks 21 and 19 respectively.

"Desensitized" is often paired with "Suffocate" since it segues into "Desensitized" on Shenanigans. Billie Joe Armstrong wishes that both songs were on Nimrod.[1]


"Desensitized" is about the World Wide Web, which was relatively new when this song was recorded. The song opens up with the sound of a bell, followed by Mike Dirnt yelling and smashing objects with a baseball bat for about 30 seconds before the actual song starts. Mike received credit in the liner notes for this role.

Live performances[edit]

Green Day has only played "Desensitized" live twice.[2]


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