Words I Might Have Ate

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"'Words I might have ate' was about Nina. She broke my heart. I was a shitty boyfriend. Hahahaha!"
Billie Joe Armstrong[1]
Words I Might Have Ate
Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Song length: 2:32
Album: Kerplunk
Previous song: "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?"
Next song: "Sweet Children"

"Words I Might Have Ate" is the 12th and final song of Kerplunk. It is followed by the song "Sweet Children" on CD and cassette releases of Kerplunk, since the eponymous EP was included as bonus tracks.

Song meaning[edit]

A broken relationship is the theme of this song. The narrator has made mistakes which made the relationship go bad. He knows what he did wrong and takes the blame on him for all that happened. Now he has to live with it and try to carry on with his life (But now it's gone, and I take the blame / But there's nothing I can do but take the pain). But he keeps looking back, worrying why he made those mistakes and dreaming about the good times they had (Now it seems I can't keep my mind off of you / My brain drifts back to better days we've been through).


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