St. Jimmy (character)

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St. Jimmy
Songs: "St. Jimmy"
"Give Me Novocaine"
Allies: The Suburbian (formerly)
Portrayed by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Tony Vincent
Lucas Rush

St. Jimmy is the alter-ego of the Jesus of Suburbia, a character introduced earlier in the album. It is debated whether St. Jimmy is a creation of the Suburbian, or a split personality. He seems to be much tougher than the Suburbian, and less idealistic. The album lyrics are written in diary form. The song deals with the initial development of the Suburbian's new persona, beginning with his arrival in the city, as described in the song's lyrics: "St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway / Upon the boulevard like a zip gun on parade".

The song continues to describe various aspects of Jimmy's new "life of crime" - a mixture of drug use, violence. and a very rebellious attitude.

The character of Jimmy features prominently in the remainder of the album. His story continues as he meets and begins a relationship with Whatsername in the songs "She's a Rebel" and "Extraordinary Girl". His strong feelings for Whatsername create a conflict within himself, between his new lifestyle and his responsibilities. In "Letterbomb", Whatsername reminds the Suburbian how he used to fight for the city, and how it is his duty to continue doing so. ("Where have all the riots gone / As the city's motto gets pulverized?")

The Suburbian then recounts his deeds and eventually disposes of his St. Jimmy persona in "Homecoming": "Jimmy died today / He blew his brains out into the bay".