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  1. All articles must obviously be relevant to Green Day. No exceptions.
  2. Everyone, including the administrators, should act civil around the users. This means to not insult, swear, or generally berate other users. In addition, slurs are absolutely not tolerated here.
  3. Do not revert any changes undone by an administrator except if you have a reason to believe he/she was in error. If so, provide it in the edit summary.
  4. No vandalism (inserting false information on purpose, blanking pages) or spamming (posting the same word over and over again).
  5. Do not post any pornographic or any other type of graphic images.
  6. Profanity is allowed on the wiki as long as it is used in a lyric page. Using it as an insult, however, is strictly forbidden.
  7. JPGs are a lower quality format than PNG; try to not upload jpgs unless you cannot find a png alternative. Additionally, do not convert .jpeg to .png or another format as it just increases the file size and doesn't affect the quality of the image. (Consult luigim1 for more information)
  8. No spam-editing unless you make an honest mistake.
  9. Do not plagiarize. It is recommended to write original articles so that Green Day Wiki can be original; rewriting Wikipedia articles can be considered a suitable alternative.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the administrators: Castaway2000, Rock-O-Jello, luigim1.