Father of All... (album)

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Father of All.jpg
Father of All...
Release date: February 7, 2020
Length: 26:16
Record label: Reprise Records
Producer: Butch Walker
Chris Dugan
Mixer: Tchad Blake
Chris Dugan
Singles: 1. "Father of All..."
2. "Fire, Ready, Aim"
3. "Oh Yeah!"
4. "Meet Me on the Roof"

Father of All Motherfuckers, often called by its censored title Father of All..., is the 13th studio album by Green Day, released on February 7, 2020. It was the final album to be released by Reprise Records, as the band's contract with the label expired after they released it[1]

Lead singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong stated the album's theme is apathy and "the lifestyle of not giving a fuck".[2]

Clocking in at 26 minutes and 16 seconds, it is Green Day's shortest album, beating 39/Smooth by five minutes.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "Father of All..." (single)
  2. "Fire, Ready, Aim" (single)
  3. "Oh, Yeah!" (single)
  4. "Meet Me on the Roof" (single)
  5. "I Was a Teenage Teenager"
  6. "Stab You in the Heart"
  7. "Sugar Youth"
  8. "Junkies on a High"
  9. "Take the Money and Crawl"
  10. "Graffita"

Reception[edit | edit source]

Father of All... received mixed reviews from critics. Metacritic assigned it a score of 69/100, indicating "generally favorable reviews".[3] Conversely, Anthony Fantano of the Needle Drop rated the album 0/10, calling it a "miserable and failed attempt at reviving some of rock's stalest, dumbest, and shallowest cliches".[4]

Personnel[edit | edit source]

Green Day[edit | edit source]

  • Billie Joe Armstrong - lead vocals, lead guitar, writing, design
  • Mike Dirnt - bass
  • Tre Cool - drums, percussion

Production[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]