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This article is about the 2004 studio album. For information about album's title track, see "American Idiot (song)". For other terms related to "American Idiot", see American Idiot.
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American Idiot
Release date: Sept 21, 2004
Recorded: Apr 18, 2003 - Mar 26, 2004
Length: 57:12
Record label: Reprise Records
Producer: Rob Cavallo
Mixer: Chris Lord-Alge
Singles: 1. "American Idiot"
2. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
3. "Holiday"
4. "Wake Me Up When September Ends"
5. "Jesus of Suburbia"

American Idiot is the seventh studio album by Green Day, released on September 21, 2004 through Reprise Records.

This album was created after the masters for Cigarettes and Valentines were stolen. Green Day decided to record American Idiot rather than rerecord Cigarettes and Valentines from scratch. American Idiot entered at #1 in the U.S charts as well as in many countries. To date, it is Green Day's second-best selling album behind Dookie, with over 15 million units sold worldwide.

Track list[edit]

All songs written by Billie Joe Armstrong unless otherwise noted.

  1. "American Idiot" (single)
  2. "Jesus of Suburbia" / "City of the Damned" / "I Don't Care" / "Dearly Beloved" / "Tales of Another Broken Home" (single)
  3. "Holiday" (single)
  4. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (single)
  5. "Are We the Waiting"
  6. "St. Jimmy"
  7. "Give Me Novacaine"
  8. "She's a Rebel"
  9. "Extraordinary Girl"
  10. "Letterbomb" (feat. Kathleen Hanna)
  11. "Wake Me Up When September Ends" (single)
  12. "Homecoming" (Billie, Mike, Tre)
  13. "Whatsername"

The digital edition has three bonus tracks, all of which are B-sides of the "American Idiot" single:

The Japanese release of American Idiot has "Favorite Son" as a bonus track; the song comes from the 2004 compilation album Rock Against Bush, Vol. 2.

All four songs have no connection to the main album. "Governator" seems to have been written about California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, mixing the words "governor" and "terminator," the name of his most memorable movies. It was written and sung by bass player Mike Dirnt.


Green Day[edit]

  • Billie Joe Armstrong - lead vocals, lead guitar, writing
  • Mike Dirnt - bass, backing vocals, writing ("Nobody Likes You", "Governator")
  • Tre Cool - drums, backing vocals, writing ("Rock and Roll Girlfriend")

Additional musicians[edit]