American Idiot, the Musical

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American Idiot, the Musical
Music by: Green Day
Lyrics by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Book writer(s): Billie Joe Armstrong
Michael Mayer
Based on: American Idiot album by Green Day
Premiere date: September 4, 2009
Awards: Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album

American Idiot, the Musical is a 2010 broadway musical based on Green Day's American Idiot album. Though the band had little to no participation in the production of the play, lead singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong played the part of St. Jimmy on occasion.


The musical tells the story of three friends - Johnny (John Gallagher, Jr.), Will (Michael Esper), and Tunny (Matt Caplan) - living unhappily in the city of Jingletown. The three go on a journey to find freedom and excitement, but Will has to stay behind to take care of his pregnant girlfriend (Mary Faber); Tunny is shipped off to war; and Johnny turns to drugs and experiences lost love.



  • In the background of the city of New York, a poster of Broadway Idiot can be seen in The Smurfs Movie.
  • The musical experienced a dramatic drop in box office sales after Billie left the cast.