Too Much Too Soon

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American Idiot single.jpg
Too Much Too Soon
Song length: 3:30
Album: American Idiot
Next song: "Shoplifter"

"Too Much Too Soon" is a song released exclusively on the American and Canadian pressings of the "American Idiot" single, and also some of the European pressings.[1] This song is also included as a bonus track on the deluxe digital editions of the American Idiot album.

Just like Green Day's other B-sides, "Too Much Too Soon" was never performed live at their concerts. However, it is performed regularly at the American Idiot musical. This version is sung by Theo Stockman, Michael Esper, Mary Faber, and Alysha Umphress.

On a March 2010 interview with Q104.3 FM, Billie Joe Armstrong confirmed that "Too Much Too Soon" was originally on the cancelled album Cigarettes and Valentines.[citation needed]

"Too Much Too Soon" was recorded in 2003, the year when Green Day began to produce American Idiot.[citation needed]


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