The Grouch

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The Grouch
Song length: 2:12
Album: Nimrod (1997)
Previous song: "Hitchin' a Ride"
Next song: "Redundant"

"The Grouch" is the third track on Nimrod. It comes after "Hitchin' a Ride" and is followed by "Redundant".

The song is about how the narrator's life gets worse and how he becomes pessimistic as he ages. He even reminisces on his earlier years.

Live performances[edit]

Green Day has played "The Grouch" live in every performance on their Nimrod Tour, and they have rarely played "The Grouch" since then.[1]

A notable instance of when they played "The Grouch" was on the Australian kids television show Recovery TV in 1998; they were scheduled to be interviewed and not to play any songs. About 8 minutes after the interview started Billie Joe asked the audience if they wanted to hear a song, to which the audience cheered at. The band immediately took the instruments from the Recovery TV band and played "The Grouch" (and in addition Billie Joe sung the swearwords from the song on broadcast TV). After the song, the interviewer was wrapping up the show, and Tré interrupted him and said: "You just got knocked the fuck out!"


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