Sweet Children (EP)

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Sweet Children.jpg
Sweet Children
Release date: Summer 1990
Length: 8:12
Record label: Skene! Records
Producer: Green Day
This article is about the extended play Sweet Children. For information about Green Day, when they were still known as Sweet Children, see Green Day. For the song of the same name and Green Day's original theme song, see Sweet Children (song).

Sweet Children is the third EP by Green Day. It was released sometime in 1990 through Skene! Records. The name of the EP references the original band name of Green Day. The entire EP is included as bonus tracks on the CD and cassette releases of Kerplunk. Starting with this EP, Green Day began to tune their guitars down a half-step from standard to E♭ tuning, a trend which continued on all of their albums until Nimrod.


The EP is a collection of some of the band's earliest songs that they were still playing live at the time. It was recorded in 1990, in Minnesota while the band were on a brief break from their summer tour, and released on seven-inch vinyl. Due to a typo on Green Day's website, many believe that this record was released in 1987, which is untrue. This EP features the last songs with Al Sobrante as the drummer. Shortly after the end of the tour, he left the band to attend college.

Track list[edit]

All lyrics written by Billie Joe Armstrong unless otherwise noted.

Side A[edit]

  1. "Sweet Children"
  2. "Best Thing in Town" (Billie, Mike)

Side B[edit]

  1. "Strangeland"
  2. "My Generation" (Pete Townsend/The Who)


  • Billie Joe Armstrong - lead vocals, lead guitar, writing
  • Mike Dirnt - bass, backing vocals, writing ("Best Thing in Town")
  • Al Sobrante - drums, backing vocals