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Release date: Summer 1990
Length: 10:07
Record label: Lookout! Records
Producer: Andy Ernst
Mixer: Andy Ernst
Singles: None

Slappy is the second EP by Green Day, released sometime in Summer 1990 through Lookout! Records. The EP is named after the dog Mickey on the front cover, who was nicknamed "Slappy" by Jason Relva, the late friend of Mike Dirnt. Billie Joe Armstrong cites this EP as the point when Green Day began to find their sound.

The EP was recorded in a few hours on April 20, 1990 at the Art of Ears Studio in San Fransisco, California and mixed within another few hours on April 23. It was released exclusively on vinyl in limited quantities of black, dark green, light green, and blue shortly afterward. It remained in print until August 2005 when Green Day pulled their catalog from Lookout! Records, but starting on March 24, 2009, Slappy and 1,000 Hours went back in print to accompany the vinyl release of 39/Smooth.

In 1991, all four tracks on Slappy were re-released on the compilation album 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.

Unusually for Green Day, the guitars on the EP are tuned down a full-step to D tuning (except "Knowledge", which is in standard).

Track list[edit]

All lyrics written by Billie Joe Armstrong unless otherwise noted.

Side A[edit]

  1. "Paper Lanterns" - 2:23
  2. "Why Do You Want Him?" - 2:31

Side B[edit]

  1. "409 in Your Coffeemaker" - 2:54
  2. "Knowledge" (Jesse Michaels/Operation Ivy) - 2:19


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