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Since Green Day signed to Reprise Records in 1994 and released Dookie that same year, they have released a few singles from every studio album of theirs.

A single is a song (oftentimes with one or a few extra tracks known as B-sides) that is released separately from an album; most singles are also present on an album but may receive an individual release due to popularity. Singles are created for radio stations, promotional use, or for sale to the general public.

Dookie (1994)[edit | edit source]

Insomniac (1995)[edit | edit source]

Nimrod (1997)[edit | edit source]

Warning (2000)[edit | edit source]

American Idiot (2004)[edit | edit source]

21st Century Breakdown (2009)[edit | edit source]

¡Uno! (2012)[edit | edit source]

¡Dos! (2012)[edit | edit source]

¡Tré! (2012)[edit | edit source]

Revolution Radio (2016)[edit | edit source]