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Song length: 1:50
Album: American Idiot
Next song: "Governator"

"Shoplifter" is the second track of American Idiot, and one of two B-sides on some of the European and Australian versions of the "American Idiot" single.[1]

"Shoplifter" was released as a one-track single exclusively through the iTunes Store on September 21, 2004 (the same day American Idiot was released), and "Shoplifter" had its own cover art on there. The single was removed on April 16, 2009.[citation needed] It is still available on the iTunes edition of the American Idiot album and can be purchased for $1.29 individually.

The track was recorded in 2003 at Studio 880 in Oakland, California, shortly before the American Idiot recording sessions.[citation needed]


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