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Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Lady Cobra
Song length: 3:04
Album: ¡Dos!
Previous song: "Lady Cobra"
Next song: "Wow! That's Loud"

"Nightlife" is the 11th track on ¡Dos!. It is preceded by "Lady Cobra" and followed by "Wow! That's Loud". It is 3:04 in length.

"Nightlife" features a guest appearance from musician Lady Cobra. Aside from the usual vocals by Billie, Lady Cobra raps in her respective segments of the song.

A direct follow-up to the song "Lady Cobra", "Nightlife" is the third song on a Green Day album to feature a collaboration with another artist, the first one being "Fashion Victim" from Warning, which was performed with keyboardist Benmont Tench.

"Nightlife" has never been performed live.[1]

Song meaning[edit]

"Nightlife", like the rest of the album, has a sleazy ambiance to it. It tells the story of the narrator falling under control of the temptress Lady Cobra, who entices him with sex, drugs, and alcohol. In spite of this, the narrator feels thrilled by her.[2] The relationship between the two characters is an example of the dominance and submission aspect of BDSM.

Release and promotion[edit]

Green Day released "Nightlife", along with some other songs from ¡Dos!, during a BBC Radio 1 interview in 2012.[3] Additionally, it was among a batch of Trilogy songs that were included on the "Unspoken" episode of CSI: NY.


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"Nightlife" received scathing reviews from critics and fans alike, with many calling it one of Green Day's worst songs.[4][5]