Makeout Party

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Makeout Party
Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Song length: 3:14
Album: ¡Dos!
Previous song: "Wild One"
Next song: "Stray Heart"

"Makeout Party" is the sixth track on ¡Dos!. It comes after "Wild One" and is followed by "Stray Heart". A demo of "Makeout Party" was included as the 15th track of Demolicious, a compilation album of demos for ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré! songs.

The song "Makeout Party" is about two characters kissing and making out in sex games during a wild adult party. Just like most of the other songs on ¡Dos!, "Makeout Party" plays part in ¡Dos!'s adult party theme.

Green Day has played "Makeout Party" live six times in their 99 Revolutions Tour and has never played it since.[1]


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