Last Ride In

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Last Ride In
Song length: 3:47
Album: Nimrod
Previous song: "Uptight"
Next song: "Jinx"

"Last Ride In" is the instrumental tenth track on Green Day's album Nimrod. It comes after "Uptight" and is followed by "Jinx". On cassette releases, "Last Ride In" is the last track of side A. It is the longest track on the album. "Last Ride In" is one of two instrumental songs from the band, with the other being Espionage.

"Last Ride In" is a surf-rock influenced track and starts off with the sound of waves segueing from the previous song "Uptight". Seagulls are also briefly heard at the start. It has a surfer-esque guitar that plays during the entire track. Other instruments include: maracas, a trumpet, bongos, and a violin (played by Petra Haden).

As one may expect, "Last Ride In" is not included on the Nimrod instrumentals, since it is one of its own.[1]

Music video[edit]

"Last Ride In" has a music video, and most of the footage is home video of members of the band. There is a person skateboarding throughout the video, and he is believed to be either Steve Nesser, the brother of vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong's wife Adrienne, or Billie Joe himself, who was learning to skate at the time. This could explain why the skateboarder falls off at the end.

The music video was included on International Supervideos!.