In the End

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In the End
Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Song length: 1:46
Album: Dookie (1994)
Previous song: "Emenius Sleepus"
Next song: "F.O.D."

"In the End" is the 13th song on Dookie.

Song meaning[edit]

This song is about the narrator's mother and how she always falls for the "wrong" men. She lost her husband years ago and started dating again. But instead of finding someone with great character, she always brings home guys that look good and buy her expensive things (Someone to look good with and lights your cigarette). Eventually the uninspiring relationship comes to an end and the narrator is left to comfort his mom. It happens again and again, and the narrator is so fed up with it that he hopes he's not around when another relationship ends (I hope I won't be there in the end when you come around).


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