I Was There

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I Was There
Written by: Al Sobrante
Song length: 3:36
Album: 39/Smooth
Previous song: "Don't Leave Me"
Next song: "Disappearing Boy"

"I Was There" is the third song on 39/Smooth and the compilation album 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.

"I Was There" is about the narrator reminiscing on past experiences. Both it and "16" have a similar meaning as they both involve reminiscing on the past, however "16" is mainly about the problems from growing older.

This song is rarely played live nowadays; Billie, Mike, and Al played it at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio on April 17, 2015 for a brief Sweet Children reunion. The song was most often performed in 1991.[1]

Unlike most Green Day songs, Al wrote the lyrics instead of Billie.


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