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Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Song length: 5:46
2:50 (digital release)
Album: Dookie
Previous song: "In the End"
Next song: "All by Myself" (hidden track)

"F.O.D." is the 14th and final song on Dookie. On the digital release, "All by Myself" is separate from "F.O.D." and is the 15th and final song of Dookie.

Song meaning[edit]

This song is about breaking up for good with someone after giving the relationship multiple tries ("Let's nuke the bridge we torched 2,000 times before, this time we'll blast it all to hell"). The relationship was in such a drag that the narrator couldn't take it anymore and wanted to sever all ties. He mentions that after a while the person became unrecognizable, two-faced, and misses the original face of his partner. During this time the narrator stacked his frustrations until he couldn't take it anymore and had to spew everything out ("I've found this burning in my guts now for so long").


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