Cigarettes & Valentines (album)

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This article is about the scrapped album. For information about the song of the same name, see Cigarettes & Valentines (song).
Cigarettes & Valentines
Release date: Cancelled (intended for 2003)
Recorded: July-October 2002
Record label: Reprise Records
Producer: Rob Cavallo

Cigarettes & Valentines is an unreleased studio album from Green Day. Intended as a follow-up to Warning, the album was scrapped after the master tapes were mysteriously stolen from the band's studio.[1] Following this, the band decided to start from scratch, which led to the creation of American Idiot.

Cigarettes & Valentines has been plagued with speculation from fans. One of the best known rumors is that Green Day redid the album as Money Money 2020 from their side project band, The Network. Green Day has frequently denied this claim.[citation needed]


Green Day has provided little details about Cigarettes and Valentines in a few interviews.

On March 28, 2010, Green Day were interviewed by the radio station Q104.3, and they confirmed that "Too Much Too Soon" was from Cigarettes and Valentines.[citation needed]

DJ Rossstar interviewed Mike Dirnt on February 26, 2011, and the last question he asked was about which songs were on Cigarettes and Valentines. Mike confirmed that the songs "Dropout" and "Sleepyhead" were on the album. According to Rossstar, Mike also told him "years ago" that the song "Walk Away" was also on the album.[2] The Warning sessions contained "Wasteaway" as a song title and not "Walk Away", so it's likely that DJ Rossstar meant "Wasteaway".

Billie Joe Armstrong said the album's material was "good stuff" that sounded like a mix between Nimrod and Warning. However, he called the theft a "blessing in disguise" believing the album wasn't "maximum Green Day".[citation needed] The band's producer, Rob Cavallo, told the band that he found the album mediocre at best.[citation needed]

Mike admitted that backups of the tapes were made but claims that "it just wasn't the same as the originals." In the same interview, he stated that he is certain that the masters will eventually be leaked by whoever stole them, and that his only hope was that "they give it a decent front cover."[citation needed]

In a November 2016 interview with NME, Billie also confirmed that the album is "in the vault".[3]

Confirmed songs[edit]

  • "Cigarettes & Valentines" - Played live a few times; the August 30, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona was included on the live album Awesome as Fuck.
  • "Too Much Too Soon" - B-side to some pressings of the "American Idiot" single; confirmed on Q104.3 interview in March 2010
  • "Sleepyhead" - Confirmed by the interview with Mike Dirnt and DJ Rossstar on February 26, 2011
  • "Dropout" - Confirmed by the interview with Mike Dirnt and DJ Rossstar on February 26, 2011
  • "Wasteaway" - DJ Rossstar told Mike Dirnt in the same interview that he told him this song was on "Cigarettes & Valentines" some years back; he incorrectly labelled the song as "Walk Away", a song that would be released on ¡Tre! nearly two years later.[citation needed]

Note: Sleepyhead, Dropout, and Wasteaway were Warning outtakes, and they are listed at the 15:30 mark in the Warning Electronic Press Kit video.[4]