Church on Sunday

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"Church on Sunday"
Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Song length: 3:18
Album: Warning (2000)
Previous song: "Blood, Sex and Booze"
Next song: "Fashion Victim"

"Church on Sunday" is the third song on Warning, following after "Blood, Sex and Booze" and followed by "Fashion Victim".

Song meaning[edit]

"'Church on Sunday' deals with compromises in the relationship I have with my wife. You have to compromise in every relationship. If you want it to work out you've always got to look ahead, have a future in front of your eyes and work on your relationships, no matter if they're with your partner or with friends. There will always be problems, but you've got to find solutions, or at least try to find solutions. I really hope there is a solution for every problem."
Billie Joe Armstrong

"Church on Sunday" is about making compromises to make a romantic relationship or friendship work. Billie Joe wrote this song in response to how he and Adrienne needed to maintain their marriage by compromising.

Other versions[edit]

"Church on Sunday" was played regularly during the Warning Tour, and it was first performed on September 15, 1999 in San Francisco, CA.[1] A live performance in Japan was featured as the first track on the Japanese live EP Tune in, Tokyo....


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