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Song length: 2:54
Album: Dookie
Previous song: "Having a Blast"
Next song: "Longview"

"Chump" is the third track on Dookie. It comes after "Having a Blast" and is followed by "Longview". A live version of the song was also included on the Japanese EP Foot in Mouth.

"Chump" segues into "Longview" but, unlike "Brain Stew/Jaded", the two songs are never combined. A brief segue can still be heard in "Longview" on International Superhits! and its music video. "Longview" is often played live without "Chump".

Song meaning[edit]

"Chump" is about the narrator showing disgust and hatred toward a person, most likely against his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. The narrator doesn't know his name, but he's jealous of him and the thought of him puts him in a bad mood. But the narrator feels like he's making a fool of himself by thinking/feeling that way.

Live performances[edit]

"Chump" was played live very frequently during the Dookie and Nimrod eras, and the later parts of the 99 Revolutions Tour.[1]


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