Best Thing in Town

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Sweet Children.jpg
Best Thing in Town
Written by: Billie Joe Armstrong
Song length: 2:03
Album: Sweet Children (1990)
Kerplunk (CD/cassette) (1992)
Previous song: "Sweet Children"
Next song: "Strangeland"

"Best Thing in Town" is the second track on the Sweet Children EP. It is the 14th track and second bonus track on CD and cassette releases of Kerplunk. The lyrics are often hard to interpret since Billie sings them fast.

"Best Thing in Town" has only been played live twice, the last time being Berkeley, California in 1992.[1]

Song meaning[edit]

The song is about spending time with the best girl around. The narrator doesn't mind what they're doing, no matter how crazy it is, as long as he can be with her.


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