All by Myself

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All by Myself
Written by: Tré Cool
Song length: 1:40
Album: Dookie
Previous song: "F.O.D."
Next song: N/A

"All by Myself" is a hidden track on Dookie, starting about two minutes after the 14th track, "F.O.D.", ends. "All by Myself" is the 15th and a standalone track on the digital release of Dookie, and is thus no longer a hidden track.

"All by Myself" was sung and written by Tré Cool, and he mellowly plays the guitar in the song. Others are heard laughing in the background as he plays the song.

Live performances[edit | edit source]

Tré Cool occasionally plays "All by Myself" live, usually with "Dominated Love Slave", another song written by him. When he does play them live, he takes Billie's place as lead singer/guitarist, and Billie moves back to the drums.[1]

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]