Aaron Cometbus

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Aaron Cometbus
Born: Aaron Elliott
May 20, 1968
Berkeley, California, USA
Occupation(s): Musician, songwriter, roadie, magazine editor
Years active: 1982–present

Aaron Elliott (born May 20, 1968), better known by his pen name Aaron Cometbus, is an American musician, songwriter, roadie, and magazine editor, best known as the creator of the punk fanzine Cometbus. He has played in a multitude of short-lived bands.

Aaron was a roadie for Green Day in their early years. He was Green Day's temporary drummer in a few shows after Al Sobrante left for college in 1990; he was later replaced with another temporary drummer, Dave "E.C." Henwood, until Tré Cool became the permanent drummer. Aaron also did backing vocals and made the teeth noise in "Knowledge".

After his band Crimpshine broke up, Aaron formed Pinhead Gunpowder, along with others in the Easy Bay punk scene, notably Billie and White.

Aaron returned as a roadie for Green Day during their 2010 tour in Asia, which he discussed in the 54th issue of Cometbus, released in February of the following year.